Triple A, double X / Anna Haracz & Anna Achimowicz

Anna Haracz & Anna Achimowicz 
fot. Michal Larry Ciechanowicz

Triple A, double X
work in progress working title
Production: 2017/2018 Theatre Companie Achimowicz & Kino Variatino Dance Theatre

Pre – premiere: 11.11.2017 Lange Nacht der Buhnen LNDB 2017

Idea And Creation: Kino Variatino & Theatre Companie Achimowicz
Choreography: Anna Haracz & Anna Achimowicz
Dance And Performance: Anna Haracz & Anna Achimowicz
Sound scape: Alice Cooper, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan collage by Cie Achimowicz
Guitar: Anna Haracz, Anna Achimowicz
Vocals. Anna Haracz
Design And fashion: Alisa Kurek, Mari Qua fashion & design
Styling: Mari Qua, Alisa Kurek,
Lights: Anna Haracz
Medical Partner: CMT Dance Medicine Center Poland, Praxis Romerstrasse
Photography: Michal Larry Ciechanowicz, Anna Achimowicz
Pre – premiere: 11.11.2017 Lange Nacht der Buhnen LNDB 2017

New performance project by founder Anna Achimowicz ( choreographer, dancer, performer, model, stylist and writer Theatre Companie AchimowiczMariQua). Choreographing and performing dance shows of all physicality styles since 2004, working under her own name, later founded Theatre Companie Achimowicz in 2011. The newest project combining the worlds of Rock & Roll music and Dance Theatre performance was born in 2016 at a peak career moment and turn in Anna’s style. The creative vision which from contemporary, modern, underground, classical and avant-garde  way of constructing performances turned towards sustaining the huge heritage of rock and roll world injecting itself into a new entities blood street. In summer 2017 in Stockholm Sweden “Rock Dance Theatre” was born.

2016/2017 tour called “Tribute to Rock n Roll” evolved into a bigger idea of dance and music live on stage, on video as a video clip, commonly created visuals captured by photography.

Almost 20 years in performance business, living and creating on the road and multiple international stages with artists from Austria, Germany, Sweden, USA, Canada or Japan “Rock Dance Theatre” unites everyone from the worlds of music and dance promoting and passing on the torch or Rock & Roll further into mixed audiences.
All good people like: Musicians, photographers, producers, journalists, performers, dancers, guitarists, theaters and clubs are contributing to a new vision of a hybrid performance format never seen before together combining professional and physical dance performance with live and loud rock and roll music of all genres.

Anna Marika Achimowicz ist künstlerische Leiterin der Theatre Companie Achimowicz, freiberufliche Tänzerin, Choreografin und Pädagogin für zeitgenössischen Tanz, zertifizierte GYROKINESIS® Lehrerin, NCMT Practitioner und Physiotherapeutin. Sie studierte zeitgenössische Tanzpädagogik in Warschau und an der Anton Bruckner Universität in Linz sowie LMA® Laban Movement Analysis bei Janet Kaylo. Als internationale Gastlehrerin und Performerin tourt sie durch Festivals in Schweden, Frankreich, Kroatien, Litauen, Deutschland und kürzlich Qatar. Zusammenarbeit unter anderem mit Ultima Vez dancers, Thierry Verger, W&M Physical Theatre, Charlotta Öfverholm und Johannes Randolf. Z.Z. arbeitet und kreiert sie in Österreich, Polen und Schweden.